Next-Generation RET Inhibitor


Type of Alteration(s)
Point Mutations*
Alteration(s) of Interest
Key Considerations
NGS (Tissue)
  • Suitable for broad-based genomic profiling that includes targets in addition to RET
  • Selected assay should have full coverage of exons 8, 10, 11 and 13-16
Sanger Sequencing
  • Lower sensitivity than NGS for somatic alterations, thus more suitable for germline testing in MTC
  • Detection may require higher tumor content than PCR-based assays
  • Useful when tissue biopsy sample is limited/unavailable
  • Higher false negative rate than tissue-based NGS testing
Point mutations occur in MTC, and gene fusions occur in PTC and NSCLC
List is not exhaustive of all activating alterations
1. Mulligan LM. Nat Rev Cancer. 2014;14(3):173-186. 2. Drilon A et al. Nat Rev Clin Oncol 15:151-167, 2018

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