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RET Inhibitor

Selpercatinib, LOXO-292, LY3527723


Mulligan LM1

Rearranged during transfection (RET) fusions have been identified in approximately 2% of non-small cell lung cancer,2,3 10% to 20% of papillary thyroid cancer,4,5 and a subset of colon and other cancers.6-8 RET point mutations account for approximately 60% of medullary thyroid cancer.9-11 Cancers that harbor activating RET fusions or RET mutations depend primarily on this single constitutively activated kinase for their proliferation and survival. This dependency renders such tumors highly susceptible to small-molecule inhibitors targeting RET.
Selpercatinib (LOXO-292, LY3527723) is a highly selective, potent, CNS-active small-molecule inhibitor of RET. Selpercatinib possesses nanomolar potency against diverse RET alterations, including RET fusions, activating RET point mutations, and acquired resistance mutations. Selpercatinib has been shown in vitro and in vivo to exhibit high selectivity for RET, with limited activity against other tyrosine kinases.12,13
Clinical Development
Selpercatinib is being investigated in clinical trials in patients with medullary thyroid cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, papillary thyroid carcinoma, pediatric cancer, or other advanced solid tumors.


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The safety and efficacy of the agents under investigation have not been established. There is no guarantee that the agents will receive regulatory approval and become commercially available for the uses being investigated.


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